Custom Cupcakes



Product Description

Our Custom Cupcakes includes:

  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Strawberry Cupcakes
  • Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry or Strawberry Butter Cream Frosting
  • Cupcakes with Flowers (See pricing for flowers on the “Pricing” page)
  • Cupcakes with Fillings
  • Our signature “CupTail”.


CupTail is derived from the word Cupcake Cocktail and it is a collection of 4 different cupcake flavours. Customers can only order CupTails with a minimum order of 24 cupcakes. CupTails are splendid when hosting events or parties as your guests can choose from a variety of cupcake flavours.

We can also customize your cupcakes based on your ideas and themes, Please contact us for more details.